Monday, 16 April 2012

Edinburgh a tale of two towns

Edinburgh is a city of stark contrasts, on one side we have the Old Town, dominated by a medieval fortress; and on the other a neoclassical New Town. These two contrasting historic areas are what give the city its unique character.

On our tour we will reveal a city rich in culture and ancient history and blessed with beauty and mystery. We will tell you stories that bring the past and its people vividly to life as we stroll along the narrow streets of the Old Town, revealing the secrets that lie hidden in its dark closes. Accompany us to Edinburgh’s elegant Georgian 'new town' creating a unique blend of ancient and modern architecture, to get a sense of Edinburgh moving into a more modern enlightened and commercial era.

This tour provides a familiarisation of the city centre as we inform you of various attractions along the way, which helps you plan the rest of your stay, in other words a fantastic introduction to the city.

Tuesday – Saturday @ 11am,
Duration 1hr 45 mins, Cost £8.50 Cons - £7.50
Tours start from  - Greyfriars Bobby Bar – 34 Candlemaker Row , EH1 2QE

Contact - 07803475688 -

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