Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Dome

The DOME is a place to consider when visiting Edinburgh, it has a mixture history, elegance and the modern. Located in the heart of Edinburgh's New Town, The Dome opened its doors in 1996 and is well known to many as a bar and restaurant. It has become established as a first choice venue to meet friends and colleagues for Coffee, Cocktails, Lunch and Dinner. 
 You just need to look at its outside and walk through its impressive huge bronze doors to realise this is a building that oozes  history, originally the site of the old Physicians’ hall (1775), built and designed by James Craig the celebrated planner of Edinburgh’s New Town.  Unfortunately for the College of Physicians they didn’t get their sums right!  leaving the College approximately £1,000 in debt, so the College looked for a purchaser and eventually some seventy years later The Commercial Bank of Scotland bought the building and it was to became the Head Office, the old Physicians’ Hall was demolished to the foundation stone in which were found the silver medals and other relics which are now in the possession of the College.  The old building material was removed and on the empty site the present classical structure gradually rose. An amalgamation of banks saw it become part of The Royal Bank of Scotland and losing the designation of head office.
In 1993 the Bank decided that the building was no longer viable and 14 George Street was put up for sale.  A local company called Caledonian Heritable Ltd bought the building and converted the bank to how you see it today The Dome today incorporates several bars and a Garden CafĂ©, it has a reputation for high standards in food, service & hospitality. I think that a visit to The Dome is a part of the Edinburgh experience.

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