Friday, 18 January 2013

Edinburgh's Dean Village and Water of Leith

When visitors come to Edinburgh they generally go to the Castle and down the Royal Mile/Old Town, but few tourists know that only 15 minutes away from the city’s main thoroughfare Princes Street lies a silver thread in a ribbon of green. There you will find the secluded Dean Village on the Water of Leith which lies 30 meters below the rest of Edinburgh. This makes is quite unique and particularly tranquil considering it is virtually in the heart of Scotland's Capital.  Stroll through the historical Dean Village a successful grain milling hamlet for more than 800 years as it sits on the Water of Leith, although not a large river it has had 70 mills on it over the centuries and was a centre of industry. Walk east up river and take in the wild life then you come to the two Galleries of Modern Art, walk west down the river with a neo classical new town houses towering above you to find the old village of Stockbridge with its bohemian vibe.  The buildings and structures you encounter are a mixture of classic and of industrial heritage. This hidden gem will show you another side the Edinburgh

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