Friday, 13 July 2012

A mixed bag of Tours

Elderly mother and daughter from Kurdistan - one spoken english and translated, with two kids 4 & 6 born in USA, a wee bit of a CHALLANGE ! Learning point with two kids, you have to have two wands or a wand and a sword. Where is Harry Potter when you need some magic. Thankfully we had a pair that would share.

"Brilliantly spent time! We had only one day in Edinburgh and at first I wasn't sure how to spend time/what to do with my kids. Thank to Peter we covered a lot and the kids (6 and 4) were entertained and kept walking even after 2 hours. It's nice that we were able to learn all these fascinating facts and give the kids a good work out which helped me to send them straight to bed at the end of the day. Highly recommended."

2 Glaswegians, and yet another Californian. The young man was just finishing off a european trip of about 10 countries !

Musical Belgians - some of the members of a 68 strong Belgium orchestra doing a Scottish tour.   

I asked them to shout Freedom for a group picture - Picture No 1 is polite Belgians. picture No 2 I asked them to be wild highlanders ! I will have to stop leading people astray. They did a 3 hour tour, which ended up going over the Calton Hill. I congratulated them, really well done, and their singing at the end of the Burke and Hare song was Fab !

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