Friday, 18 May 2012

The “Tail" of Two Cities

Edinburgh and San Diego, California, share a twinning link with a unique twist. Each city is home to a famous dog: Edinburgh's loyal and beloved Greyfriar's Bobby and San Diego's equally beloved vagabond dog, Bum. In recognition of these canine heroes, a statue of Bobby was presented to San Diego and this statue of Bum was gifted in return. The dogs represent the spirit of a twinning link - friendship, loyalty and shared experience

Legend says that Bum lost one of his paws during a dramatic rescue of a puppy from a railroad track, although it's also possible he lost it in a fight. I like the way someone has left a stick on his paws, as though he's ready to jump up and play.


San Diego’s Official Town Dog, Died November 10, 1898 – Aged 12 Years

Loved by everyone – owned by no one. His name suited him because he arrived as a town stowaway, befriended everyone and “bummed” quality food from the local eateries. As a young dog he survived a scuffle with another dog on the Santa Fe train tracks. Though he lost a foreleg and part of his tail, his spirit was unbroken. He guarded the children, led the parades and fire trucks, and had many adventures. So admired was Bum that the City Council awarded him a lifetime dog license. When he died, children collected pennies for a proper burial.

Greyfriars Bobby

Greyfriars Bobby, Died 11th January 1872, Aged 16 Years

Greyfriars Bobby is one of Edinburgh’s best loved characters who served his master in life and watched over his grave in Grefriars Kirkyard after he died.
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